Sport Pitches & Artificial Grass Maintenance

In sports, comfort is very important. This is why the pitches need to be maintained very well. In the modern day, pitches for football, handball, hockey, cricket and even tennis courts may be made from astro turf. What does this mean in terms of artificial grass maintenance and the associated costs? Why is it important to properly maintain astro turf especially when it is used in sports fields and pitches?

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Safety and differences in playing characteristics  

Besides comfort, the safety of players is extremely important. With a poorly maintained pitch, the chances of injury are much higher. Poorly maintained pitches degenerate at different rates for example, one section may have a high slip rate, another may have a high bounce rate while in some other areas, and the ground may be too compact resulting to muscular and sometimes physical injuries. The ball may also be affected given that different sections will have different bounce rates and different speeds. This affects the quality of the game all together. Proper maintenance ensures that there is uniformity throughout the pitch, which reduce the risk of injuries and ensures that the playing characteristics are uniform. Remember that injuries that result from poor maintenance may result in litigation problems for the officials involved.


If poorly maintained, the turf degenarates faster than it would. This necessitates spending more money to replace the turf sooner than projected. This may lead to financial problems and blame games amongst the responsible individuals. Overall, it affects the coordination amongst the responsible officials and which ultimately reflects on the sports teams. 

Aesthetic value

A poorly maintained pitch is unsightly and unattractive to both players and spectators. This has a direct effect on the morale of the players and the quality of the game will be affected. Some players may even refuse to play on such pitches to maintain their own brands. Sports officials may also reallocate sports and games that were scheduled on that pitch. This leads to loss of opportunities for the local people to not only host the sport or game but to also make money from the event. The local economy is therefore likely to suffer.

Preventing slipping, minimising injuries after a fall, preventing discomfort brought about by grounds that are too compact and ensuring uniformity in speed of items on different sections are some of the benefits enjoyed by Tennis, football and hockey players when pitches and fields are properly maintained. Team work and proper planning can ensure that all pitches remain well maintained over the seasons.